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Members:Onuki Ami, Yoshimura Yumi.

Puffy was formed by rock musician and song writer Okuda Tamio, they were actually two girls who worked in his office prior to being Puffy. He produced them, and wrote their songs exclusively at first, later to be taken over by Okuda's partner Andy Sturmer. After enjoying much success in Japan, they decided to enter the American music market in 2001. They released several of their Japanese albums, as well as English versions of much of their music in the U.S., and also toured. They are still active in the U.S., and even have their own cartoon entitled "The Puffy AmiYumi show" (they go by Puffy AmiYumi in the US to avoid legal conflicts with Sean Puffy Combs).

ai ga tomaranai -Turn It Into Love-EnglishRomajiKanji
ai no shirushiEnglishRomajiKanji
Asia no junshinEnglishRomajiKanji
Cosmic Nagare Tabi EnglishRomajiKanji
hurricane EnglishRomajiKanji
nagisa ni matsuwaru et ceteraEnglishRomajiKanji
sui sui EnglishRomajiKanji
SUNRISE EnglishRomajiKanji
suui suui EnglishRomajiKanji

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