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Romaji Title: suui suui
Kanji Title: スーイスーイ
English Title: suui suui

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Oonuki Ami
Music : Okuda Tamio

"sasuga ni taiyou akubishite" is a pun. I translated it as face value, but "akubi" is a bad day, so it could also me "the sun brings another bad day".

The sun comes up, I hold my hand to my head
The sun stretches out over me
Riding the wind, singing happily
Far away in the haze and heat, swinging

The bloat floats around
Without a map, to where I am

On the other side of the earth, I can see a rainbow
My troubles disappear
Looking back again, I grip the handle
Accelerate and rush in
The earth and space, so small
I'm here
High in the sky
Like a dream

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