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Romaji Title: sui sui
Kanji Title: スイスイ
English Title: sui sui

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Yoshimura Yumi
Music : PUFFY & Okuda Tamio
作曲:PUFFY  奥田民生

Thank you Justin for translating this song for us! This was kind of a difficult one to translate...but here's what he gave me for the translators notes as well as some additions of my own: sui...etc, is taken from suusuu (the sound of air leaking). In the line "Densha ni notte..." goto goto enforces the idea of's a 'paeic expression'. For the line "dono shasou..." roughly, the idea is expressing that the singer wants to be able to take what is seen through the window with her...and this "child" here is probably someone we're supposed to be able to allude to, due to the use of "ni mo". I'd almost say this should mean "I want to take it back to someone I know"...except now the only thing I can think the suisu could be is happy whistling. The phrase literally translating into "Bambi is dancing" refers to the English equivalent of birds fluttering about someone's head.

あの気球の まだむこうの
野山はもう スイ*ススイ*スー
この地方の やれニンジンだの隣人が
くれるふれあい 夢気分*分

いい旅だなぁ 最高だなぁ
電車にのってーら ゴトゴトゆれてーら

どの車窓も 届けたいな
あの子にも スイ*ススイ*スー
その湖畔で ここが特に肝心で
キッスをしよう チュラチュチュッチュー

いい旅だなぁ はずだったー
電車に酔ってーら バンビがはねてーら
エビバデセイトゥーミ いい気になってんなー

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