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Romaji Title: asu e no tobira
Kanji Title: 明日への扉
English Title: The Door To Tomorrow

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics by ai
Music by ai
Arrangement by nao
Lyrics by ai
Music by ai
Arrangement by nao

Shining sweat, a t shirt, a love that I found
Watching you, more radiant than anyone
I found feelings that I never experienced before
A new voyage will begin

After the rain, fickle feelings, a blue wind, a strong sunshine
Someday, passing them all
The color of love that I'll start painting
I'll color the first page

A fortune telling magazine
On both of our stars
I put both of our futures together
Full of scabs, the heart that won't come off
All becomes closed up by your kindness

My heart that became empty after some time
Becomes full again
One moment, a dry gesture
I want to keep gazing at you, smiling at you someday
Who talks of your dreams

When you protect something precious
If the first step you take is courage
I run away from getting hurt
All I get is the long way around

The habit of pretending to be strong
Has nowhere to go now
And is getting confused inside my heart
To my feelings for you which I felt for the first time
Rather than words, tears overflow

Let's walk, step by step
With feet that are a little different in size
The road we walk together
The road which is bumpy
A small decision marked
On a folded white map
I'll tell you, honestly, right now

The melody of the two of us that I hear in my ears
Holding back my flowing tears
I'll tell you a cliche
"We'll be together from now on..."

These feelings that I couldn't hold back anymore
Came down as shining drops from the sky in the 25th hour
When I realized, a gentle breeze blew in my heart
And I slowly open the door to tomorrow

Words go over time, and burst past forever
Going past many seasons
And the place it settles, is the place for us
After the voyage that was too long
Let's raise the love we vowed

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