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Members:Haruna (Vocals, Guitar), Tomomi (Bass), Mami (Guitar), Rina (Drums)
Age:Haruna - 08/10/1988, Tomomi - 05/31/1990, Mami - 05/21/1990, Rina - 08/21/1991

Tomomi and Rina attended an Osaka Vocal and Dance school and Tomomi and Rina attended a Nagoya school. Their first live performance was as an opening act for an event at Nanba Hatch.

In March of 2008 they had their indies debut single called "Space Ranger" that was distributed and sold only at Tower Records. This of course acted as their indies debut.

On 07/13/2009 at the "MUSIC JAPAN shinseiki Anime Song SP" event at NHK Hall SCANDAL performed a cover of hit anime "Keion"'s "Don't say "lazy"".

The name "SCANDAL" was the name of a sex store that was in the basement of the same building that the studio that they used to practice in.
They continue to be known as one of the only popular "high school rock bands" in which the members are still actually in high school.

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