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AKB48 - keibetsu shite ita aijou PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-10-23
We're back today with another AKB48 release for you otaku out there! "Keibetsu shite ita aijou" was released in hopes of raising awareness of bullying in Japanese schools. Personally I think they were reaching out to the wrong demographic, but hey. Let's respect the message! Gimmie your lunch money or download the PV today! Read more

L'arc~en~Ciel - Daybreak's Bell PV
Posted by kumama on 2009-09-21
Hey! We have a new PV release today! Woo hoo! It's "Daybreak's Bell"! Well.. it's a L'arc video, and I'm sure you fans will really enjoy it. You know what I enjoy? Sega Swirl! Did you ever play it, back in the day? Man, that was a fun game. It was quite exhilarating when you'd get that awesome cheer from the crowd with the fireworks sound and everything. Kind of like when the original Game Boy tetris would just flip out and you thought the first time there was something wrong with your game. Yeah. Sega Swirl rocks. Read more

THYME - Fly Away PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-09-06
We've all had our encounters with engrish, and bad pronunciation. But how about an extreme case in an otherwise catchy song? Well, you can have it today! We're proud to bring you Thyme's "Fly Away" as our new PV release, which has some of the weirdest pronunciation I've ever heard by the lead singer! Well, if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the video! Read more

Enta no Kami-sama - Jinnai Tomonori Car Navi clip
Posted by Kumama on 2009-09-05
Have you ever felt like your GPS is pure evil? Well, it can't be as bad as Jinnai Tomonori's! He pretty much proves it in this hilarious skit from the variety show "Enta no Kami-sama" in our newest JTV release! Somehow my GPS telling me to turn right instead of left yesterday doesn't seem so bad... Read more

Shounan no kaze - Ougon Soul PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-09-03
We all love Shounan no kaze here... they just have a way of making everyone feel more manly! Today is no exception, as our new PV release, "ougon soul" seems to be set at Fight Club.. on mud wrestling night! Woo! I can smell the testosterone from here! Read more

Suite Chic feat. AI - Uh Uh... PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-07-16
While Stiltzkin is on a little hiatus from music translation, that's no reason we can't bring you good stuff, right? So here we are with a new PV release! Enjoy Amuro Namie's hip-hop side project, Suite Chic. "Uh Uh..." features AI, and is quite catchy, much like most Amuro Namie singles from this time period. Read more

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