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Okuda Tamio

Romaji Title: Sound Of Music
Kanji Title: サウンド・オブ・ミュージック
English Title: Sound Of Music

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Okuda Tamio

A few minutes of ectasy
The exciting sound of music

It's light in your hand; for example, you get lost in the radio as well
Together with me, like this

The ectasy of a climax
The exciting sound of music

We can have fun anywhere; for example, calling on your car stereo
Together with me, like this

The greatest kind of ectasy
The exciting sound of music

What were we doing up until now?
How much did we know up until now?
When I think about it, what will happen from now on?

There are all kinds, B.B.J.B.R.C.O.T.
You've certainly given into it, as naked as possible

The biology of youth, the high society of older people
The ectasy of the six senses, modern music

Try all sorts of things
Try them in all sorts of place
You'll get bad habbits; if you get lost, then be worried
Together with me, like this
Gazing at each other

A few minutes of ectasy, a few minutes

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