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Dreams Come True

Romaji Title: anata ni salad
Kanji Title: あなたにサラダ
English Title: A Salad For You

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics: Yoshida Miwa
Music: Nakamura Masato

It's just after 6 PM and there's a little less than 30 minutes until the store closes
The department store is packed with old women shopping for dinner
Slipping into the wave of them, I reach the grocery department
I'm going to make an excellent salad for a certain person who really loves them
I pick out some lettuce that seems nice and soft and as green as possible
And I'm going to buy a pack of tomatoes with three shapely look ones in it
Not losing out to those line-jumping old women

When I finally arrive at the register
I can't find my wallet; Red-faced, I search around in my pockets
And from inside of my now found wallet
I hurridly pay for everything and take a breath
Then I add a small bouquet in between my two big bags of groceries
Slicing the cabbage very thin
I've got to drain all of the water out
The apples turn into rabbits; I've eaten one, so there are 7 left to brighten the place up
You're going to be home soon
Make sure that you give me a kiss hello
And I'll make sure that into my special dressing
I shake a lot of love

Tomato, apple, green pepper
Lettuce, water cress, tuna
bean and onion. With mayonnaise, please?

To put it plainly, it's a simple salad
A simple salad that I just cut up and serve
Anyone can make it, but you eat it
Without leaving any at all, and I love you for it
I love you more than anyone else in the world
Isn't it the most delicious thing in the world?

God, thank you for my happiness today

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