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NICO Touches the Walls

Romaji Title: kakera -subete no omoi tachi e-
Kanji Title: かけら¢高ラての想いたちへ
English Title: Fragment -To All Of My Feelings-

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Mitsumura Tatsuya作詞・作曲:光村龍哉

The cold wind sings on the street corner, white breath sensitive to the cold
Is it "easy to catch a cold at the changing of the seasons"?

In the time that passes by in a non-busy way
The thing that floats there is always this kind of trivial phrase

A flower will bloom again on the asphalt where the tears blurred
Even now a drop of water from a leaf that seems to be withering whispers "Hello"
Even though the seasons change so transiently, I'm thinking of you
I want to tell you what's reflected in my eyes
"Hello", don't turn your eyes away

Instead of the comfort of something borrowed that overflowed with unpleasantness
It's fine if your answer is a cold attitude

No matter how long memories pile up for
Certainly just a little bit of it will get through

Let go and even if you can't put it into words, head toward tomorrow without hesitation
I want to feel the echo in your heart
"Hello", don't let that voice go out

I hope it gets across, I hope there's no mistaking it
I want to get it through to you now, this phrase

I'll make a flower will bloom on the asphalt where the tears blurred
I can say it now into the sky that even now seems like it's going to fall: "Hello"
Even if tomorrow doesn't come, if I can be at your side
I want to tell you what's reflected in my eyes
So don't let go of my hand

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