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Okuda Tamio

Romaji Title: sasurai
Kanji Title: さすらい
English Title: Wandering

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Okuda Tamio作詞・作曲:奥田民生

I'm going to wander through this world; I'll keep stumbling along, singing a traveling song
All around are nothing but people who don't wander, it's got me a little worried

When I saw the end up ahead of the wind, it ended up like this
I took the shape of the clouds seriously

When I want to see you on my way down the wandering road, I sing a song of old

Not able to find anyone, I jumped on the last train of the day by myself
When I saw the continuation of the waves in the sea, it ended up like this

It got in through a crack in my heart
It was a signpost for someone
What would have happened if you would have disregarded it?

Don't go wandering, I'm not gonna die like this

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