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Romaji Title: bara goku otome
Kanji Title: 薔薇獄乙女
English Title: A Maiden In a Rose Prison

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Houno Arika
Music : Katakura Mikiya

This song was the opening theme song to the anime "Rozen Maiden Overture".

I'm beautiful, like a leopard
Dressed gorgeously in a pelt of darkness
Even though I trample on the lillies in the valley
In order to go toward where you are

The sweetness of the flesh of the fruit that I sink my fangs into
Is a false dream of unbound seeds
Let's intercommune them

Are you running away from something, or following something?
You no longer even know
Look at me, and drown more deeply
The confusing nectar of hell

Devilish claws make grating sounds
On corroded bones
Is this love? Is this hatred?
Is an answer to that necessary?

Ah, my tired heart is
Coming back to life in your fingers
Just like your ice

If I can be tamed only by sorrow
A butterflies smile adorns
The beautiful chain that binds my ankle
To the door of Hades

Tracing the tip of the keyhole with my tongue
The luxurious path tastes of blood
Will I go down it?

Am I doing the holding? Am I being held?
It's to the point where I don't even know anymore
I look at your turning arms
That are blooming and scattering the roses of hell

The impure moon, on a decomposed night
It wanes, and then becomes full again
No matter if this is love or betrayl
The corpse is still the same

Ah, if the thing you have in your hand is used up
And it's fading from your eyes
It will be reborn over and over again

Are you running away from something, or following something?
You no longer even know
Look at me more, and be furthur captured
In the burning crimson roses of hell

Do you want to live? Do you want to fall?
I don't yet know
If pain comes from love
Then don't you want demise?

Ah, plunder your heart away
As I am locked away inside of my body
That is turning to wax

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