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Dreams Come True

Romaji Title: kyou dake wa
Kanji Title: 今日だけは
English Title: Just For Today

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Yoshida Miwa
Music : Nakamura Masato, Yoshida Miwa

This song was featured in a commercial for Lotte's Ghana Milk Chocolate product.

I'm really sorry for not being able to be myself
I can't even say it inside of my heart

Formally, I say
Even though the people you've said thank you to, up to this point, aren't your parents, it's alright
I made a big mistake, with my sharp tongue

Just for today

Change does nothing
I'm waiting for things to go as they usually do
We laugh and say "that's terrible"
Let's complain to the TV

Because from tomorrow on, we won't have times like these anymore

Do you remember when I broke that vase?
Or when I cut cut up the chair with a jigsaw?

With a lot of politeness
We confess to one another; when I think about it now, it was so terrible
Crying at the same time, it was so odd

Just for today

Even though change does nothing
Even though I want things to go as they usually do
With full hearts, we're completely silent
Neither of us can say "we're definitely going to be happy"

From tomorrow on, the room next door is going to be empty

I'm sorry for crying, even though I'm happy
I'm sorry for looking so lonely tomorrow, even though I'll be happy

Laughing, shining, being in high spirits
Singing, blushing
Holding hands, kissing and hugging
Depending on a person who's running away

And we won't come back here again, together

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