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Romaji Title: sotsugyou
Kanji Title: 卒業
English Title: Graduation

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Machida Norihiko

"Graduation", a person
Again opens a new door, and moves on...

It was the last day, so I got up early
And tread firmly on my way along the usual path
In that small classroom, now, memories overflow
In some ways I miss it, the tears flow...

"Graduation", the day that it came,
I didn't understand, but it's painful...
"Graduation", I certainly won't forget it,
So I want to smile...

Little by little, those same voices come back to me,
It's going to be very busy
But I knew that from tomorrow on
We'll each move on down our own paths
Looking at the carvings on my desk,
I packed all of my memories up into my bag

"Graduation", we won't always cry
From this point on our dreams will begin...
"Graduation", this isn't goodbye
I feel that we will meet again...

Someday, certainly
It will be time for cherry blossoms to bloom along this road...
And people will again start walking
Carrying their memories with them...

"Graduation" this is the one
Key to the door of our future...
The door of the future will open up...

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