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Yukawa Kazuyuki

Romaji Title: kimi no kanojo
Kanji Title: 君の彼女
English Title: Your Girlfriend

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Yukawa Kazuyuki

Your girlfriend is in my room
Having a dream
She's gazing at the dyed-red sky with me
Having a dream

Your girlfriend wants
A so-called monopoly on me
She held me alone in her lap and said
I'll protect you

We only want to love a little
We only want to have dreams quietly
In the warped and disappearing light in the room
You can hardly speak

Your girlfriend is in my room
Having a dream
I hope to become stronger
I laugh a bit

We only want to love more
We only want to glance at dreams
A soap bubble disappears from the window
I reflect on the setting sun

Your girlfriend can harass me
I'll show tears
I breathe an unnoticed poison by myself
I get closer, "Hold me"

I'll embrace you
She'll embrace love
She'll embrace you too
Everything's embraced

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