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ikimono gakari

KANJI NAME:いきものがかり
MEMBERS:Yoshioka Kiyoe (Vocals), Mizuno Yoshiki (Guitars and Vocals), Yamashita Hotaka (Guitars and Harmonica)
SEX:Male and Female
AGE:Yoshioka - 02/29/1984, Mizuno - 12/17/1982, Yamashita - 08/27/1982

This group was formed by Mizuno and Yamashita, to be joined shortly after by Yoshioka. Yoshioka's older brother was a classmate of Mizuno and Yamashita's in high school, which is quite possibly how she came to be involved with the group.

Their catch phrase is "naki warai setsuna Pop san nin gumi". This translates roughly into "A 3 person sad, smile while you cry, pop group". This catch phrase is meant to describe their sound and the feeling of their lyrics.

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