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7 Nin Matsuri

MEMBERS:Heike Michiyo, Yaguchi Mari, Gotou Maki, Ayaka, Refua, Asami, Shibata Ayumi
AGE:Heike - 04/06/1979, Yaguchi - 01/20/1983, Gotou - 09/23/85, Ayaka - 10/30/81, Refua - 02/07/83, Asami - 07/17/84, Shibata - 02/22/84

7 nin Matsuri means "7 Person Festival" in English. They were part of the annual Hello! Project Shuffle (which also consisted in this year of 3 nin Matsuri and 10 nin Matsuri), which involved taking various girls from Morning Musume and other groups, and mixing them into different groups to perform a single song. At this time Yaguchi Mari and Gotou Maki were in Morning Musume, Shibata Ayumi was in Melon Kinenbi, Ayaka and Refua were in Coconuts Musume, Asami was in Country Musume. Heike Michiyo was the winner of an audition that Tsunku held on Asayan TV to find a female singer for his previous band Sharan Q. This, however, is how he came up with Morning Musume: from the losers of the audition. She released a single called "Get", but was never as popular as the losers of the audition, in the end. Bloodtypes: Heike - B, Yaguchi - A, Gotou - O, Ayaka - AB, Refua - O, Asami - O, Shibata - O.

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