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MEMBERS:Nagase Tomoya (Vocals, Guitar), Matsuoka Masahiro (Drums), Kokubun Taichi (Keyboards), Yamaguchi Tatsuya (Bass), Joshima Shigeru (Guitar)
AGE:Nagase - 11/07/1978, Matsuoka - 01/11/1977, Kokubun - 09/02/1974, Yamaguchi - 01/10/1972, Joshima - 11/17/1970.

This group is a part of Johnny's Jimusho. TOKIO, like most Johnnys groups, started as back dancers. They, however, quickly discovered that they had more musical talent than the average Johnnys group, and asked to be put in a group where they really didn't have to dance, and could take advantage of their abilities as musicians. It should also be noted that drummer Matsuoka Masahiro has directed the group's PVs, ever since their 2002 single "Ding Dong". The members of TOKIO also appear in various variety shows, movies, and all have acted in dramas, and continue to do so with some regularity.

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2004-12-21Ding Dong

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Yoshii Kazuya - bakka PV

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L'arc~en~Ciel - Hurry Xmas PV

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RSP - Lifetime Respect -Onna Version- PV
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