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Rip Slyme

MEMBERS:Ryo-Z (MC), Ilmari (MC), PES (MC), Su (MC), Fumiya (DJ).
AGE:Ryo-Z - 07/15/1974, Ilmari - 06/17/1975, PES - 12/27/1976, Su - 11/20/1973, Fumiya - 03/14/1979.

The "Rip" in Rip Slyme is the initials for the group's 3 first MCs (Ryo-Z, Ilmari, and PES). After this group won an amateur rap contest, they would take on members DJ Fumiya and Su (formerly a back up dancer for hip hop group East End X Yuri). The members have been known to play guitar occasionally on some tracks, and PES was even a part of a rock group before being inducted into Rip Slyme.

The members of Rip Slyme are heavily influenced by old school hip hop, as is evident in their sound and throughout their music. "Stepper's Delight" is a play on The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight", for example.

In 2005, DJ Fumiya took an extended leave from the group because of an illness. During this time, DJ Soma stood in for him. Fumiya would return to the group in late 2006.

Rip Slyme as a group have collaborated with rock legend Hotei Tomoyasu, as well as rock band Quruli. The individual members have been parts of many collaborations themselves, and have been involved in several side projects outside of Rip Slyme:

Ryo-Z and Ilmari are members of a hip hop group called the Teriyaki Boyz along with m-flo MC Verbal, and Wise.

Ryo-Z and DJ Fumiya formed a group called O.T.F. (Oshare Track Factory), and are best known for having produced and written songs for female hip hop/pop group Halcali.

Ilmari was a part of hip hop group Steady & Co. along with BOTS and Kenji of Dragon Ash in 2001. He also collaborated with singer Salyu, to help launch her career.

Bloodtypes: Ryo-Z - AB, Ilmari - A, PES - B, Su - O, Fumiya - A.

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