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Amuro Namie


Though Amuro Namie's solo debut was in 1995, her musical debut was in 1992. She was the singer of a group called "Amuro Namie and the Super Monkeys" (The Super Monkeys later went on to become popular group MAX, after Amuro's departure), at the age of 14. One of the driving forces behind Amuro's early solo popular was the fact that her songs were written and produced by a very hot producer for Avex at the time, Tetsuya Komuro (TK). In 1997, she married and had a child with dancer Sam of the popular (and also TK produced) group TRF. They later divorced. As of the last few years, Amuro and TK have parted ways, and she's gone in a more R&B direction with her music. Which leads into the fact that she is also the singer of a project called Suite Chic. This is a Japanese hip-hop/R&B project originated by m-flo's Verbal and Imai Ryousuke. Bloodtype: O

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2006-11-25Want Me Want MeDVD
2009-07-16Uh Uh... feat. AI

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