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Title:Hen na Ojisan TV
Episodes:10/2000 to 9/2002
Producer:Fuji TV
Hosts:Shimura Ken, and various other entertainment personalities

This show, hosted by Shimura Ken (argueably one of the most famous Japanese comedians ever, former member of the comic group "The Drifters"), was called "hen terebi" for short. The name of this program is based on a famous skit, invented by Shimura Ken, called "hen na ojisan" ("Weird Old Man"). For this program, however, Shimura Ken took that gag one step further. He actually created a "hen na ojisan" costume for himself, and used in both skits that appeared on this show, as well as the ocassional surprise visit to Japanese celebrities. Sometimes he would have a fellow comedian participant in these skits/visits with them (they would also have a "hen na ojisan" costume of their own), though Shimura himself was the only staple of this program.

2007-09-30Morning Musume clip (Natsumi Abe) 3561C077 HTTP
2007-09-30Morning Musume clip (Kago Ai) EC3741BA HTTP
2008-02-24Morning Musume Clip (Nozomi Tsuji) 101D66FD HTTP
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