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Title:Yaguchi Hitori
Episodes:Ongoing since 2004
Producer:TV Asahi
Hosts:Yaguchi Mari (formerly of Morning Musume)
Gekidan Hitori (comedian)

Yaguchi Hitori is a show involving many different topics in the entertainment world. These topics include music, theatrical movies, DVD releases, and sometimes even current pop culture related events.

Each episode, Yaguchi and Gekidan discuss topics that viewers can mail or email into the show, that are usually related to entertainment in some way. They will often take these topics and spin them off into amusing stories or activities. There are also segments on the show where an announcer discusses the newest releases in music and movies, as well.

Every once in awhile, Yaguchi Hitori will also feature guests. These guests will normally be some personality involved in the entertainment world (though they tend not to necessarily be big names).

Both of the shows hosts are also well known entertainment personalities in their own right. Yaguchi Mari was a former member of the all girl pop group Morning Musume, who resigned from the group when she received public grief for basically just having a boyfriend. Despite this, she is still involved in some Hello! Project activities, and continues to be involved with television and radio. Gekidan Hitori is a near legendary comedian, who actually plays a "character" named "Haruki" on the show (no, Gekidan Hitori does not normally appear as he does on Yaguchi Hitori). The role that he plays is one of what the Japanese refer to as a "yankii". This can be interpreted as somewhat of a rough neck character, who is not afraid to appear looking that part, and maybe even a bit like what Westerns would refer to as "white trash".

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