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Title:Bakushou On-Air Battle
Episodes:Ongoing since 1999

This is a comedy variety program for young comedians to appear before an audience to tell their jokes, and act out their comedy skits. This program has made popular several major comedians and comic groups, such as Tetsu and Tomo, Hanawa and Sakanou Dandy. This program was a big hit during the "owarai boom" ("Comedy Boom") of 2002.

Every week, 10 comedians and/or groups (though when the program first started, it was 11 or 12 comedians and/or groups) get to tell their jokes or do their skits for five minutes, in front of the judges. At the end of this five minutes, judges drop golf balls into buckets (NHK has also used this method for judging on their yearly program Kouhaku Uta Gassen). The weight of these buckets is computed using a digital scale, and all of the performers are ranked. The best five performers/groups of performers (though when the program first started, it was 6 or 7) get their skits played on air. The weight of the buckets is measured in "kilo battles", where a perfect score is 545 kilo battles.

2006-05-012001-01-27 (Tetsu and Tomo Clip)E236B26DBittorrent
2006-05-14Tetsu and Tomo Odoru Daisousassen Clip6D0A57BEBittorrent
2007-01-172002-02-09 (Tetsu and Tomo clip)4800EC47Bittorrent
2008-02-01Tetsu and Tomo 2002 World Cup clip 1312CC66 Bittorrent
2008-03-08Jinnai Tomonori English Conversation Clip E5C5A09F Bittorrent
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