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Title:Nobuta wo Produce
Actors:Kiritani Shuuji - Kamenashi Kazuya (from Johnny's Jimusho group KAT-TUN)
Kusano Akira - Yamashita Tomohisa (from Johnny's Jimusho group NEWS)
Kotani Nobuko - Horikita Maki
Uehara Mariko - Toda Erika
Bookstore Shop Keeper - Imawano Kiyoshiro

Kiritani Shuuji (played by Kamenashi Kazuya) is a second year student in high school, and is one of the most popular kids in his class. Staying popular with all cliches of people is in fact, his life's game at this point. He secretly doesn't care about most of the people he interacts with every day, but prides himself in his great ability to pretend to. His enemy is Kusano Akira (played by Yamashita Tomohisa). Shuuji regards him as an enemy not only because Akira always follows him around and believes himself to be Shuuji's best friend, but also because Akira isn't afraid to be his extremely odd self. One day, a creepy transfer student named Kotani Nobuko shows up at the school, and is immediately picked on by the school's group of female bullies. In an effort to help her change her life around, and to prove their own abilities, Shuuji and Akira decide to team up and help "produce" Nobuko into being the most popular girl in school. Little do they know what a task it will become...

More information at Henshin-Tigers.

2006-01-17Drama Promo CommercialDE28593BBittorrent
2006-01-30Episode 1 (Xvid)D7D99742Bittorrent
2006-06-10Episode 2 (Xvid)525D9423Bittorrent
2006-08-07Episode 3 (h264)779801D2Bittorrent
2006-09-04Episode 1 (h264)32022920Bittorrent
2007-04-20Episode 2 (h264)9CDCEDA8Bittorrent
2007-04-20Episode 3 (Xvid)52AD51E7Bittorrent
2007-04-21Episode 4 (h264)C899D1FFBittorrent
2007-04-21Episode 4 (Xvid)6404E3ACBittorrent
2007-05-12Episode 5 (h264)C7F0BB0BBittorrent
2007-05-12Episode 5 (Xvid)92EEBEE9Bittorrent
2007-05-18Episode 6 (h264)EC44B14BBittorrent
2007-05-18Episode 6 (Xvid)9E308BFEBittorrent
2007-05-28Episode 7 (h264)C6A1EC14Bittorrent
2007-05-28Episode 7 (Xvid)81B4AEA6Bittorrent
2007-07-25Episode 0 Opening Special (h264)7B3E8616Bittorrent
2007-07-25Episode 0 Opening Special (Xvid)A1530B75Bittorrent
2007-07-29Episode 8 (h264)7B3E8616Bittorrent
2007-07-30Episode 8 (Xvid)58A7AC4ABittorrent
2007-09-04Episode 9 (h264) - 9204807C Bittorrent
2007-09-04Episode 9 (Xvid) - 67DDE77A Bittorrent
2007-11-03Episode 10 (h264) - 1FCD4B4F Bittorrent
2007-11-03Episode 10 (Xvid) - E3A6124A Bittorrent
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