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Title:Doumoto Tsuyoshi no Shoujiki Shindoi
Episodes:Ongoing since 2002
Producer:TV Asahi
Hosts:Doumoto Tsuyoshi of the Kinki Kids

Air Time: Weekly, Wednesday at 12:16 AM

This is a variety program that is hosted by Doumoto Tsuyoshi of the popular Johnny's Jimusho pop music group, KinKi Kids (along with Doumoto Kouichi). This program has been airing since 2002. The original format consisted of one female guest per program, and Tsuyoshi would take that guest on a "date". The date consisted of them doing whatever activities were mutually decided upon between Tsuyoshi and the guest, and seeing them talk and interact during these activities. The program would usually open with Tsuyoshi in the studio making jokes and talking about this episode. At various points during the program, and video feed would get paused, and cut back to Tsuyoshi in the studio making more jokes about the situation. At the end of the program, Tsuyoshi would read an email that he received from that guest thanking him for a good time. Later on in the program, male guests started to work their way onto the show as well (though the guests were still primarily female). And even later still, group dates would occur.

Now the format of the program is basically the same, except it seems to be less focused on "dates", and more on activities with whoever the guest happens to be. Male and female guests seem to appear with about equal frequency now, and groups of people often appear on the show. None the less, this is still one of the more amusing variety programs to air on Japanese TV currently.

2005-03-142003-04-09 (featuring Gackt)73BFA5A5Bittorrent
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