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Title:Music Station
Episodes:Ongoing since 1986
Producer:TV Asahi
Hosts:Tamori and Dou Mariko

An extremely popular music program that has been on the air since 1986. It features anywhere from five to eight guests per program (assuming that the program is a normal episode, and not a special of some kind).

Famous Japanese television personality Tamori (who also hosts/has hosted several other variety shows) has been a host since the show started, along with a female co-host that typically changes every few years. Dou Mariko is Tamori's current female co-host. The two hosts will introduce the guests at the beginning of the program, and interview each guest(s) in turn. After their interview, they will perform their latest song. The program also features the segment "CD Single Hit Ranking", where the current top 10 most popular CD singles are introduced by Music Station announcer Ward Sexton (well known as the title voice for Japan's hit series of survival horror games "Biohazard", as well as the title voice for many American movies that are brought over to Japan).

If the artist is featured on that episode of Music Station, they are given precedence in their interview. This program has seen many different segments come and go over the years. The other segments that are currently used on this program are "M Sute hihou kan" (a segment in which one artist featured on the program selects a period in time, and Music Station looks at a brief overview of the current events of that period, as well as the highlights of the Japanese music industry at that time), Young Guns (a segment in which a popular debuting act is talked about, prior to their interview/performance), and Mini Music Station (a segment that is aired just before the program begins, in which Dou Mariko will have a brief interview with one of the featured guests (or sometimes two) in another part of the studio).

The theme song for this program is, and always has been Tak Matsumoto's (the guitarist of popular rock band B'z) "#1090 ~Thousand Dreams~". This program is one of the staple music programs of Japan, and will be for some time to come.

2005-03-212004-12-24 (Super Live Clip feat. Hanawa and Gouranatsumi)26701D31Bittorrent
2005-03-212004-10-08 (Love Song Special clip feat. Gouranatsumi, W and Dekaranger)6D968E58Bittorrent
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