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Title:Kouhaku uta gassen

Every year, the most prestigious and most watched music program airs on New Years Eve. Kouhaku Uta Gassen showcases the best and best-selling of that year as a send-off, and it becomes a contest between the Red Team, the women, and the White Team, the men. At the end of the program, viewer votes are tallied, and the winning team for the year is decided! This annual program also features special musical segments (that are changed each year), as well as other small events having to do with popular programming of the year.

2005-01-012003-12-31 (Intro) Part 178C68854HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (BoA) Part 290789632HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (W-inds) Part 3B858235DHTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Maki Gotou) Part 4C8B27DD0HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (175R) Part 57295740BHTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Judges Intro) Part 62721A004HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Aiuchi Rina) Part 7383F045AHTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Exile) Part 8A8FB4294HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Nagayama Yoko) Part 98DC99EE7HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Yamamoto Jouji) Part 10B7E75052HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Mizumori Kaori) Part 1175D29464HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Yamakawa Yutaka) Part 124F7D3176HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Kouzai Kaori) Part 134E99CEF2HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Maekawa Kiyoshi) Part 14A1AE4290HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Morning Musume) Part 152B26BD61HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Gackt) Part 16FAD8561EHTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Qrio and Matsuura Aya) Part 17B0A09285HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Fuse Akira) Part 18D5772B01HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Judges Talk) Part 19E5F92EC5HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Toba Ichirou feat. TOKIO) Part 20F97BE5A0HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Shinno Mika) Part 213CB21041HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Horiuchi Takao) Part 2234091605HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Ishihara Junko) Part 230ACD7EC5HTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Itou Takio) Part 2401E1344CHTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Ayado Chie) Part 25C61F930EHTTP
2005-01-012003-12-31 (Kahala Tomomi & Croquette) Part 263D434C4EHTTP
2005-03-232003-12-31 (Tanimura Shinji) Part 27BAA18F8AHTTP
2005-03-232003-12-31 (Zone) Part 2864934F2AHTTP
2005-04-152003-12-31 (Sada Masashi) Part 296F89FF32HTTP
2005-04-152003-12-31 (Joshi Juu Ni Gakubou) Part 303B05C9FDHTTP
2005-04-282003-12-31 (Nishikiori Ken) Part 313B9B0B94HTTP
2005-04-282003-12-31 (Amuro Namie) Part 32FF3EA135HTTP
2005-07-242003-12-31 (Mori Shinichi) Part 334A603DF0HTTP
2005-07-242003-12-31 (1st Half Ending) Part 3467F75C14HTTP
2008-02-132007-12-31 (58th Annual - SMAP - sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana )619BC55C Bittorrent
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