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Title:Pokemon Advanced Generation

Join Satoshi and friends as he continues on his journey to be a Pokemon Master! In this new series, the creators of Pokemon have strived hard to provide better storylines and better animation.

So if you're a new fan, or just a fan of the games, give Advanced Generation a try!

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2003-09-27Episode 1A3B315E2
2003-09-28Episode 1v271883D9B
2003-09-30Episode 255D81FD6
2003-10-04Episode 32CEB55CB
2003-10-05Episode 3v2205E1EEC
2003-10-11Episode 489798B0F
2003-10-18Episode 5B5728607
2003-10-18Episode 65505E063
2003-10-27Episode 7F2EC6232
2003-10-31Episode 85B2FEBCF
2003-11-04Episode 9B08FEB7A
2003-11-09Episode 100894D4C5
2003-11-16Episode 112A0E12B0
2003-11-30Episode 128E133594
2004-02-02Episode 13DE342E3D
2004-06-29Episode 14BC920AD3
2004-11-30Episode 153E99DD73
2005-04-16Episode 15v21BA19250
2005-04-24Episode 16C715DDEC3
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