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4 years after the adventures of the previous anime, Kotaro called by a mysterious voice returns once more to Papuwa. On the journey, he loses his memory and forgets all of his past. He meets new friends and enemies. This anime is full of humour and weirdness; watch at your peril.

"The two powers will once more come together"

2003-10-24Episode 1 - Welcome to Papuwa Island!773D8229
2003-10-29Episode 2 - Deadly Poison Warning, Poison Mushroom Komoro`s EntranceA6D695D4
2003-10-31Episode 3 - My Motto is Friendship Power, I am Arashiyama5B7D6AA7
2003-11-11Episode 4 - Wandering Drummer, Sea Otter Oshodani`s Entrance6FAD7E41
2003-11-20Episode 5 - Cutie Gangster!? Liquid`s Gorgeous Past!C21432A4
2003-12-07Episode 7 - Even Hayashi Turns Pale!? Special Attack Marionette BrushC4945464
2003-12-08Episode 8 - Rotaro`s Power Awakens!? Papuwa House is Flooded0ACBD104
2003-12-13Episode 9 - The Samurais are Here! Shinsen-Gumi Entrance!!85D452C2
2003-12-14Episode 10 - Umako Vision Takes Effect!! Magical Potion is the Taste of Love9668D6A7
2003-12-24Episode 11 - Save Rotaro! Record of Chappy`s ErrandEC593D27
2004-01-05Episode 12 - Who`s the Princess? Papuwa Island Hina King Grand Prix Death MatchE4B45F3B
2004-01-25Episode 13 - Close to Extremity Manly Beach Ball Competition!99657AAA
2004-02-27Episode 14 - Even Rotaro is Suprised!? Entrance of Manly GodAF7F1CC8
2004-03-03Episode 15 - Watch Out For Traps? Rotaro`s Manliness TestD171DFD4
2004-03-21Episode 16 - What`s The Present? Daddy Liquid`s Longest Day9781D56E
2004-03-30Episode 16v26E5757E2
2004-04-08Episode 17 - Koji`s Melancholy; Who Wants Umako?1B6C73F3
2004-04-19Episode 18 - No Need for Liquid? Competition for a Temporary MaidD3DD2C8C
2004-05-09Episode 19 - Sending Out My Love, Burning Valentine`s DayA557B32D
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