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In the grand tradition of shows to sell toys, we have Ocha-ken! The new toy line by San-X, Ocha-ken is a series of shorts about a group of dogs who love different tea and other beverages.

Each episode features a new dog getting into zany trouble because of his or her tea preferences!

The cuteness.. overwhelms...

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2003-10-10Episode 153EB3552
2003-10-18Episode 219A80D43
2003-10-26Episode 3A89FEB81
2003-10-31Episode 45B1462A3
2003-11-09Episode 5CB1B75B4
2003-11-14Episode 6C2637259
2003-11-23Episode 74077567E
2003-11-26Episode 87F640675
2003-12-20Episode 9A0200009
2003-12-27Episode 1023ABF81D
2004-01-03Episode 11EAFE97AD
2004-01-15Episode 1294C898FC
2004-01-18Episode 13419F42DC
2004-01-29Episode 1449905CB4
2004-02-06Episode 155273AF4C
2004-02-14Episode 16E50120F8
2004-02-29Episode 1797998B04
2004-03-06Episode 181B03A115
2004-03-10Episode 1958F63D33
2004-03-26Episode 20DAB79D09
2004-04-12Episode 21CB080C1B
2004-04-28Episode 221DF32676
2004-05-12Episode 23EC541364
2004-05-12Episode 24B3582D7C
2004-09-01Episode 25F746D7AD
2004-09-01Episode 262BB3877B
2005-00-00Episode 01-26 - Batch TorrentBittorrent
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