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Title:Kappa no Kaikata

This is a short anime describing the proper care and maintenance of your pet kappa. Kappas are water imps, one of the Suijin (or water gods) of Shinto mythology. This anime deals with the antics of Kaatan, and the trials his owner goes through by having a water imp as a pet. It's a very strange show, but enjoyable!

2004-10-06Episode 19DEEACA3Bittorrent
2004-10-18Episode 23F686E63Bittorrent
2004-10-24Episode 3A81C0031Bittorrent
2004-10-31Episode 4AAE7258CBittorrent
2004-11-19Episode 500858A0FBittorrent
2004-11-19Episode 635B0E2CBBittorrent
2004-12-07Episode 79CFDBCE1Bittorrent
2005-01-17Episode 84F1F95AFBittorrent
2005-02-25Episode 902405A2ABittorrent
2005-03-06Episode 10DB8D014FBittorrent
2005-03-15Episode 11081B9230Bittorrent
2005-04-15Episode 128E55AB75Bittorrent
2005-05-01Episode 131BCAC7E6Bittorrent
2005-05-03Episode 14F9F2F0C7Bittorrent
2005-05-10Episode 159A006329Bittorrent
2005-06-12Episode 1620081A25Bittorrent
2005-07-24Episode 17710D46DEBittorrent
2005-08-05Episode 18AFD7BA33Bittorrent
2005-08-19Episode 197F7F2423Bittorrent
2005-08-24Episode 206F1273D0Bittorrent
2005-08-26Episode 21A40D6E34Bittorrent
2005-08-28Episode 224CEE137DBittorrent
2005-08-30Episode 23115B9354Bittorrent
2005-09-03Episode 24D7DDDD06Bittorrent
2005-09-09Episode 2589F91323Bittorrent
2005-09-12Episode 26 (final)D66A4391Bittorrent
2005-12-20Episode 1-26 BatchBittorrent
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