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Another Morning Musume PV!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-02-07
That's right Hello Project fans! We've got another great Morning Musume PV for you, and it's a DVD rip again! Hooray! Check out one of my favourite recent Momusu songs, "Go Girl! Koi no Victory"! Make sure you hop on that torrent or get it on irc soon! Read more

Finally a new Kouhaku!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-01-30
Your patient waiting has paid off! We're happy to bring you the next installment of NHK's 54th Red and White contest! Read more

Hirai Ken - Kimi wa tomodachi PV
Posted by Kumama on 2005-01-24
Well, we figured it was about time for another great PV! Check out the wonder that is Hirai Ken's "kimi wa tomodachi" PV, and its great animation! As always, you can get it by torrent or IRC. Read more

New JTV clip! Hey! Hey! Hey! Interview
Posted by Kumama on 2005-01-24
We know how much you liked seeing comedy duo Downtown pick on one hit wonder Sisqo in the intro we released last summer. We enjoy seeing American R&B artists suffer so much that we thought we'd bring you more! Read more

2 more new CMs
Posted by Kumama on 2005-01-24
Hamasaki Ayumi fans rejoice! We've got another installment of her wildly successful Boss coffee campaign, this time featuring Ayu as a boxing manager! Read more

And now we bring you 3 New CMs!
Posted by Kumama on 2005-01-14
Today we've got three exciting new commercials for you to check out! Read more

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Yoshii Kazuya - bakka PV

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L'arc~en~Ciel - Hurry Xmas PV

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RSP - Lifetime Respect -Onna Version- PV
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