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Rip Slyme - Galaxy PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-05-30
It's that nice warm time where it's still spring, but is starting to feel like summer. Just when you're in the mood for some great music! So why not check out our newest PV release, the spectacular "Galaxy" by Rip Slyme? It was definitely my summer anthem back when it was released, and it's still an awesome song and video. Read more

Arashi - We Can Make It! PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-04-08
Are you feeling a little down in the dumps? Is the weather, economy, school getting you down? Well, Arashi is here in our new PV release to brighten up your day! No matter what the problem, they're here to tell you "We Can Make It!" and they're doing it in Sergeant Pepper uniforms! Give this one a try if you're not having the best day, if you're not pulled in by the catchy tune and cute dancing then you're sure to get a kick out of their silly behavior. Read more

244 ENDLI-x - kurikaesu haru PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-03-14
We decided to celebrate the nice spring weather we've been having with a great new PV! 244 ENDLI-x is a pet project of Tsuyoshi Domoto, an offshoot of his previous Endlicheri*Endlicheri work. This version has a more techno/electronic flair, and our release today "kurikaesu haru" has quite the trance feel to it. To add to this great song, the video is animated by Production I.G, the company responsible for Ghost in the Shell, XXXholic, Blood+ and a host of other great anime. There's definitely a GITS feel to this PV. Read more

Remioromen - 3gatsu 9ka PV
Posted by Stiltzkin on 2009-03-10
Today we're bringing you somewhat of an anomaly for a PV! Remioromen's "san gatsu kokono ka" as featured in the drama "1 litre of tears", with a video starring Horikita Maki looking decidedly "Nobuta wo Produce"-ish! She's even acting as Nobuta would, if you ask me. But see for yourself! Incidentally March 9 is significant because it's the time when most Japanese students of a certain age are or are preparing to graduate. Congratulations are in order if that happens to be you! Read more

GLAY x EXILE - Scream PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-03-06
You know, this video reminds me of why I don't go to concerts anymore. You pay a gazillion dollars for a ticket and "convenience fees" and then you're plunked next to some jerkoff who thinks everyone else wants to listen to his singing along through the ENTIRE thing. Well the Exile boys in our latest PV release don't seem to understand how much this pisses me off, and they're doing it in "Scream". Then they're transported to a generic rap video and... start dry humping GLAY? Wait, what's going on in this thing? You're just going to have to watch it to find out! And enjoy what we like to call "GOOD Exile" because it still had Kiyokiba Shunsuke in it, and there's no way they can edit THIS one and erase his existence! HA! Read more

AI - Okuribito PV
Posted by Kumama on 2009-02-23
If you were watching the Academy Awards last night, you may have noticed something familiar about our latest PV release. It's AI's "Okuribito", which serves as the theme to the movie of the same name, or as English speaking fans might be more aware of, "Departures" which took home the best foreign film oscar last night. Congratulations to everyone involved with the film, and we hope you enjoy the PV! Read more

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