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Do As Infinity

Romaji Title: Heart
Kanji Title: Heart
English Title: Heart

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : D-A-I作詞・作曲:D・A・I

Opening the blinds, the far-away sky that I've looked up to
Is so blue, that I could cry
We set off to a new city
Following our dreams

People always carry loneliness with them
But none the less, they walk on

What's the most important thing?
I feel that I know the answer now
You are in my heart, and that
Is all I need to be gentle

If only the time would pass quickly when I'm alone at night
If only the time would pass slowly when we're together

Even though I pretend to be strong
The truth is that I just want us to hold one another

Until the day comes when we can always be close together
I'll bloom a flower in my heart
So that the light that we both allow ourselves to believe in
Won't go out with tears

Even if we're far apart
Our hearts will soon be close

Like the sky that continues on to infinity
The future that we want to love each in will thrive
Putting these feelings into a song
I want to send it out to you, right now
La la la...

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