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Oblivion Dust

Romaji Title: LULLABYE
Kanji Title: LULLABYE
English Title: LULLABYE

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : OBLIVION DUST

(Don't need to be unhappy
So please don't cry
We're already there
We're gonna be so...)

Getting hurt and healing up, it just repeats
You whispered that you feel lonely
How long have you been crying for?

A heart is a toy that's easily broken
Even if you don't want to move forward, you're pushed into it
One day, your unceasing tears will dry

Don't need to be unhappy
Let your memories sleep
We're gonna be so happy
Let the light infuse in you

Wrap yourself up without being scared of change
Become so beautiful, that I won't understand
Everyone is waiting for it
Come along with me from now on

Don't need to be unhappy
Make the pain disappear
We're gonna be so happy
Shine along with everyone

Lullabye for you
Lullabye for you

Don't have to be lonely
Don't have to be all alone
Even when you close your eyes
You shouldn't be scared of anything

(Don't need to be unhappy
We need to be free
But we're already there
We're gonna be so happy
So happy...)

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