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Romaji Title: Metamorphoze
Kanji Title: Metamorphoze??????????
English Title: Metamorphoze

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Gackt.C

This is the opening theme to the anime movie "kidou senshi Z Gundam -hoshi wo tsugu sha-".

My fluttering pulse is connected to me
Pieces of you fell into the deep darkness
Even running away, that's inexcuseable in this world
But I wanted to protect you, and you only

Even now...even now, I want to be softly touched by
Only your lips, instead of someone's kind words

One day this endless sk will tell of the end
I won't forget you, who has been burned into my eyes

Your memories make my pain that no one else can take away, disappear
More than any kind words can

Right now, I've continued to cry out your name so many times

We repeat our mistakes so many times
But I want to go through with the promise that I made with you

Even now...even now, I want to be hold you one more time
In my arms, instead of someone's kind words

Even now, I continue to fight for you
Until the day comes, when I can smile with you once again

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