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Bump Of Chicken

Romaji Title: Lost Man
Kanji Title: ロストマン
English Title: Lost Man

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Fujiwara Motou

What's going on? I ask myself
Right now can I even remember the start of this trip?

I prayed for the righteousness of the path I chose

I heard all sorts of footsteps
Because of those, again I'm distant

When I'm lonely, I'm forgetful; I probably do things over and over again
No matter what kind of way I pass the night in, the following day will be the same

Where I am now on the route I'm following is on my battered homemade map
Carrying an unmoving compass in one hand
I'm straining my hazy eyes

I lost you, what is it that I continue to seek in this world?
"You realize you're a lost child." I pretend not to notice

What's going on? I ask you who is not here
Will my voice wear out swimming the distance between us?

I've forgotten warmth, little by little I've grown cold
When the night is passed, I wonder if I'll be able to remember?

Waving my hand high, I shouted good bye to your back
And where I am now, when the plan of my dreams is unsealed, what sort of expression will I have?

This is my desired world, and even now I continue to walk
While praying for rigteousness at the end of my clumsy journey

Time has stopped from that day forth
I'm far away from your back that has disappeared
Ah lost man, come on and notice
We are carefully tearing that picture whose name is memory

Waving my hand high, saying goodbye to today's back
Where I am now my compass starts to move
Well, shall we go lost man?

I put a symbol on my current location on my battered homemade map
This is my starting point, your legs always move forward on the first step

I'm going to go out and meet the world that I loved that has forgotten you

I made mistakes, while praying for righteousness

At the end of my trip

While praying to be reunited

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