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Romaji Title: Sexy
Kanji Title: Sexy
English Title: Sexy

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : hitomi
Music : Komuro Tetsuya

Wow, this song isn't self serving at ALL!

It's a 100 on 1 battle
But from my heart, I won't run away, I won't lower my gaze
My eyes, which are a little sad, are left over
It's something that I can somehow do

Pa pa pa pala...papala pa pa pa...
Papala pa pa pa...papala pa pa pa...

(Sexy, sexy, I'm sexy, sexy, sexy, I'm sexy)
(Sexy, sexy, I'm sexy, sexy, sexy, I'm sexy)

I'm landing in a helicopter
It's just me in all of these lights
Instead of looking at the shining
From here, I'll be discovered now, and shine too much
In my room, I dance to popular music
I'm not embarrassed, everyone is singing
I don't need difficulties
Subsided feelings are NG, I'm a sexy lady

Oh! Yeah! This dress reveals my chest
I desire a romantist night
I'm going to go with more pizazz
I want to see your eyes looking more surprised

If I do something unforseen
Even though I carry drama and loneliness with me
Gazing at your surprised eyes in your room
I slip out of my honed shell, wow, wow, wow

One day, it will certainly grow on me
By no means am I kind
My image expands, and I go out today too
Even my happiness isn't exposed; Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!...I feel sexy!

Balance seems to be vital, and I certainly seem to be turning everything properly
I'm showing energy today in a mini skirt, I want to risk it
Surreal like a strobe, I'm on the verge of understanding
My reflexes are honed, I'm walking with energy
In those times, I can't make a happy end, yeah!

(Sexy, sexy, I'm sexy, sexy, sexy, I'm sexy)

I change my hair color
And I always can be sexy (sexy, sexy, I'm sexy)
I clap my hands, and dance
From here on out, I have no regrets (sexy, sexy, I'm sexy)

I don't think about frustrating things
I'm going to go comfortably, I'm getting more into it
I whistle, with non-serious feelings
Tomorrow, certainly, certainly, certainly will come I feel sexy? you feel sexy?

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