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Porno Graffitti

Romaji Title: World Saturday Graffitti
Kanji Title: ワールド☆サタデーグラフティ
English Title: World Saturday Graffitti

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Shindou Haruichi Music : ak.homma Arrangement : ak.homma, Porno Graffitti
詞:新藤晴一・曲:ak.homma・編曲:ak.homma, ポルノグラフィティ

The Chinese word "nihao" is your basic Chinese greeting (I'm not sure which dialect). Shinjuku is an area in Tokyo, and Shimokita is a peninsula. As for "aoyama R-20", it was thought that R-20 referred to Aoyama around route-20. It was then discovered that route 20 does not run by Aoyama, so I'm not too sure as to the meaning.

It's Saturday and raining, I'm in Tokyo and alone
No one is hitting on me, this day off is slow
I toast by the window at nightfall with soda instead of champagne
A meaningless sigh
A lonely face, the rain is singing sha la la la la
A flower is loved when it isn't quickly picked and taken to the city by someone

Shanghai, nihao lady; over there the sky is clearing, are you in a good mood?
Tokyo, lonely lady; right now this girl seems unattractive and withering
New York, hello lady; munching on a spicey hot dog on the grass
I leave her behind, and the world turns

I'm having a conversation that's looking very intermittent with a close mouthed cactus
On a Saturday night
Only unhappy dramas are on TV, like usual
It's as though the person for me has instantly gone off to a far away country

Shinjuku night standby, tonight I'm again shining in this sleepless city
Shimokita south side, the later it gets the more colorful the moon is
Aoyama R-20, love songs are born there
With things this way, will I get to sleep?

Shanghai, nihao lady; won't you at least flirt with me in my dreams?
Tokyo, lonely lady; who are you thinking of I wonder?
New York, hello lady; the curtains sway at midnight in your room
Good night baby, tomorrow will certainly be a good day

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