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Porno Graffitti

Romaji Title: uzu
Kanji Title:
English Title: Whirlpool

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Shindou Haruichi Music : Tama Arrangement : ak.homma, Porno Graffitti
詞:新藤晴一・曲:Tama・編曲:ak.homma, ポルノグラフィティ

I'm frozen beneath the sky
Naked, I break free
Listen, inside my head
The sound of grating garbage

Wait, until it gets dark
Don't leave me by myself
Wash, all over your body
So I don't have to hold my breath

Overflowing water is going toward the drain
Making a small whirlpool and flowing into it
Colliding, and disappearing as it turns
When you look in, it pulls you into it

I think of you so much, that each night sweet moments call out to me
For some reason, people are continuously drawn to fleeting things like this

Talk to me, about something deep
The ending is in sleep
Touch, below that
From behind, from the back

Drains that should tie together somewhere
Are stopped up with long hair
And the destination that I've lost is here
There's only one truth, without confusion

The sweet pulse that reaches me from our joined fingertips
Suddenly from closed lips, comes and overflowing sigh

The more I hate you, the more I shake and randomly shout
For some reason, people are continuously drawn to fleeting things like this

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