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Porno Graffitti

Romaji Title: Melissa
Kanji Title: メリッサ
English Title: Melissa

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Shindou Haruichi
Music : ak.homma

With your hands, tear up the memories of that far away day
Please put a stop to my sad existance
Well, let the love I yearned for go through my heart

Looking at the sky that should come tomorrow
I'm sparing you the feeling of being merely lost
A bird nearby flapped its wings, did it find light somewhere?

Hey, can't I carry your burdens too?
And we'll leave them at the highest place, avoiding gentleness

With your hands, tear up the memories of that far away day
You can stop the root of your breath of sadness
Well, I yearned for love going through my heart

I saw the bird off to dusk; the wind, crawling on the ground, brushes
against me
I didn't say that I want a feather
At least I want to become Melissa's leaf, dancing in midair

I try to stand still
Perhaps there is no answer
Since I have no nowhere to go in this wind

With your hand, turn the key without hesitation
if I'm mistaken, it's like you can't open it ever again
Well, the dropped lock falls with a noise

An unsaved soul will disappear
A bit of light in a fleeting moment
Now, the moon rises, giving birth to night

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