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Porno Graffitti

Romaji Title: Lack
Kanji Title: ラック
English Title: Lack

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Shindou Haruichi
Music : Tama

Ferocious in a back alley; immature and wild
A view of rampant shortage; a boy's scream
After all, this knife is a boy, and so are you
I'm gonna throw the last of the money left over at this

Even a starry sky being drug along will fall
I made it crawl, look at the city
Now, the sky is empty from my life
The shape of the person I want to meet is vague

It's frozen over, I lack something, I lack something
It's the same as something that's not enough for my dry throat
It's obvious too, I lack something, I lack something
The world's awfullness was forced into me

Who wants to be knocked down? Their tears are dry
Give me an urgent carress, hate weakness!
I play with gum with my fingers after the mint taste goes away
I try to take refuge from the slums but the exits are blocked off

The cleverness of today carries a bad smell
Somehow I'm coming to bear it and it shows
With times like this, I'm sentimental
I hear it deep inside my head

It's overwhelming, I'm closed off, I'm closed off
It's like I can look out for more dust from underground
It's flooding me, I'm closed off, I'm closed off
It's like the world is completely dead except for here

I've failed, I lack something, I lack something
I feel pain from lacking something real
How I lack, I lack
Losing this screw, it looks like crumbling garbage

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