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Porno Graffitti

Romaji Title: Christina
Kanji Title: クリスチーナ
English Title: Christina

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Okano Akihito

The person I've been waiting for finally came
The original car that I love, "Christina"
That dazzling and shining gunmetal body
She calls out "hurry up and race with me!"

Sitting in the leather covered seat
I put in the key and start the engine

My heart dances, dances, this is a shake down
But what is this sign before my eyes?
Ah, I've remembered! It says "Do Not Enter", and I'm not an experienced driver

I'm a little worried about that cool looking store
Parallel parking is dangerous, so I'll stop it...

The cars following put pressure on me
I tell myself that I musn't be in a hurry

"Safe Driving" is a just cause
But the truth is, I can't stop worrying about it
Be patient, it isn't yet time to give it everything you've got...

Christina, there's no mistaking you
Invite me out for a charming drive
I who am powerless ask you, please, someday won't we be as one?
Exhilirating, cunning, as always, the best

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