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Oranges & Lemons

Romaji Title: Raspberry heaven
Kanji Title: Raspberry heaven
English Title: Raspberry heaven

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Hata Aki
Music : Ueno Hiroko

This is the ending theme to the anime "Azumanga Daiou".

With wings in my heart, showing you the whisper in my heart, riding on the wind right now

My heart is far beyond the stars, my wish will certainly come true
Coming to see you, that key is in the future

The voice softly calling out from the window is a premonition of love
Love is again far away, but I believe in tomorrow, I believe in you

Raspberry heaven, you promised I wouldn't be alone, right heaven?
Raspberry heaven, sweet tears; smile again, in paradise

Raspberry heaven, I came for you, heaven of my kind dreams
Raspberry heaven, I'm coming back to you
The day that the flower in paradise blooms
You and I...let's be together

Following the light, the map of glittering happiness
Look, isn't it wonderful?

When I feel at ease in the light, I say goodbye to my lonely face
I want to find the jewel in my memories

The voice that says "come here", am I shaking with love?
But quietly like this, I'm waiting for tomorrow, waiting for you

Raspberry heaven, waves of happiness float about in heaven
Raspberry heaven, close your eyes
Where is this small boat drifting to?

Raspberry heaven, I want to hold you, the heaven of my fun dreams
Raspberry heaven, I'm coming back to you, The flower in paradise is beautiful
Just the two of us...Let's be together

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