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Mizuki Nana

Romaji Title: Innocent Starter
Kanji Title: Innocent Starter
English Title: Innocent Starter

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Mizuki Nana
Music : Oodaira Masaharu

This is the opening theme to the new anime "mahou shoujo ririkaru na no wa".

You hugged your knees to your chest
Shaking with perpetual unease in the corner of the room
Fearing the "truth" you know, you closed the door

You found that "truth" in a gentle lie and took refuge in a dream
An ocean of loneliness dyed deep blue, known by no one

Concealed in that earnest thought
Is the sadness which wounds your heart

The secret in your eyes, my gentle love is the truth behind your smile
That seems to draw me in, I'm going to tell you this
When you've felt my love, it's fragile warmth will overflow and seperate you from the past
Because I am forever by your side, that sad shadow need no longer confuse you

Like a child you seek only aspirations
But finding nothing
You just lose sight of what is dear to you

You want to obtain the power to protect
Happiness un-decorated by that which is within the "ordinary" and "usual"
Living in the present, straight-forwardly
Unconfused by glances of the past; that is the only answer which comes to mind

In the red sky at dawn, a rainbow is painted and the darkness encompasses everything
My small couragous words cross that sky
Even if the future is captured, even if the distance vanishes, this prayer will not end
I long to convey to you that unchanged feeling

"The beginning" you softly whisper to me
That promise between just the two of use
Is an unchanging eternal magic
Even if the future is captured, even if the distance vanishes
I clearly remember your voice
Calling my name
And like on that day, I will smile

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