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The Brilliant Green

Romaji Title: angel song ~ivu no kane~
Kanji Title: angel song ~イヴの鐘~
English Title: Angel Song ~christmas Eve Bells~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics: Tomoko Kawase Music: Shunsaku Okuda
Arranged by The Brilliant Green
Lyrics: Tomoko Kawase Music: Shunsaku Okuda
Arranged by the brilliant green

In the line "anata ga kureta hane..." Tommy sings "hane" but wrote a kanji combination that I can't seem to find any meaning for. It's "hane" (wings) combined with "yuki" (snow). So I'm thinking maybe she made something up meaning "snowy wings" or something like that. But I could be very wrong.

Merry Christmas, kupo!

In the fog that hangs in the sky, bells echo
To my lover in that far away, gentle sky called night
Tonight, my sigh is shut away in snow
I want to touch the sacred hand that pulls the chain of roses

The angel song...whispers in my ear
The singing voices of angels seem to be lighting up the sky
It's painful, and it's for you
When I look up to the sky, I think about a snowy landscape
"I won't forget..."

My winged letter, I'll trust everything to you!
The red moon and Christmas Eve bells in the cold night sky

The angel song...I wanted to see you, so I looked to the sky
The wings you gave me, even now the memories are beautiful
By the far-off windowpane
But soon it will melt, so quickly while it's snowing
Catch me, I want you to hold me...yeah

Letting however many feelings flow...

Whisper in my ear
The singing voices of angels warm my heart

In this pale snowy sky
The angels' bells resound, announcing Christmas
Be here, under the sacred stars

It hurts, and I look up to the sky
I remember the snowy landscape you showed me one day
I won't forget...
"I won't forget..."

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