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Nagayama Yoko

Romaji Title: jon kara onna bushi
Kanji Title: じょんから女節
English Title: From The Sound Of My Strumming, A Woman's Song

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Suzuki Kiyo
Music : Nishi Tsuyoshi

"jon kara" is literally translated here to be "from the sound of my strumming". "jon" is a sound-effect word, here meant to represent the strumming of a shamisen (a three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument, which resembles a guitar in form).

The snow flies up from below
It entwines around the red hem of my skirt
The large neck of the shamisen, a woman's journey
Burning, smoking, bursting open, unsettled
There is a person that I can't be seperated from
From the sound of my strumming, I want you to understand this

The disorder of retribution, the disorder of the spirit
I won't accept your parting words
I've fallen into a deep place, a woman's weakness
A man's heart is more fragile than the wind
It's hidden in the moon
From the sound of my strumming, I want to make you weep

The leaden color of the sky
To me, spring is too far away
When I strike the thick neck, all threads are cut
I hate, I love, I have sorrows, I have pains
Entwined in my fingers, a woman's song
From the sound of my strumming, I want you

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