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Romaji Title: ware, arubeki basho
Kanji Title: 我、在ルベキ場所
English Title: A Place That I Should Be Myself

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : miya 作詞・作曲:ミヤ

The rain, the earth, a place I should be, meanings
Tell me "I'm not alone"

Something that's lost in a downpour of rain, it's definitely a very
Important thing
While it becomes a pitch black tale with mud flung to the sky, I pretend to search always
Because I have no feelings of discovery, I haven't discovered confidence
I'm being impatient, why is my heart shaking?
I'm not scared because I'm lost, I'm not sad because I'm lost
Now I only want to be filthy
For me now it's a necessary thing, it all ends with a lost reason
Everyone crushes themselves, and doesn't seek any help

You are not alone. Everything is useless sympathy. I must cast it all aside.
Dusky sympathy is meaningless. You shouldn't want to look back there, nothing is left
You are not alone

I should be myself; I want meaning. I should be myself; I lost the meaning.
The rain, the earth, a place I should be. Tell me, when,
What inspiration in my heart did I lose to someone?
Now, there should be meaning here. Tell me, when, where, what did I
Lose in these contaminated eyes?
Rain, I should be here, fall on my body and show me the meaning of the life that I should have
The reason that I should be here myself...the meaning that I should have...

As I shed tears in the rain, the rain sheds mud in me

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