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Romaji Title: isho
Kanji Title: 遺書
English Title: Testament

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Miya 詞・曲:ミヤ

No one understands the meaning of the sadness that I continue to live with right now

I don't want anything anymore, the days of brewing "life"
I look down on days where everyone seems to be dead
This gloomy room and the warm loneliness are my ideal friends
This is a place where my heart can find peace

Mother, father, I'm sorry
It seems as though I'm flowing along in a flood of endless "pain"
But my "hopes" as they are now stop the clock
I just close my eyes, and then "eternity"...

Everyone, thank you for being "positive" on the outside
I hate you guys who are laughing and easily pretending to be sad, so much, that I hope you die
I'm "alive", that means that you guys are "dead"
The spirit of these feelings crushes me today as well

The mass media easily changes our sadness into "news"
Uncouth people of faith who feign sadness without hesitation
We feel this "life" and "red blood"
So can we only convey "death"?
Even if I fall asleep, please don't put a flower on my desk at school
Because I don't need any sad productions

This world created us
And we were killed in this world

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