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Mr. Children

Romaji Title: te no hira
Kanji Title:
English Title: Palm Of My Hand

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics & Music : Kazutoshi Sakurai 作詞・作曲:Kazutoshi Sakurai

A distorted curve has been carved into the palm of my hand
Proof of being born holds some sort of meaning

We are lonely animals who are searching
Getting close to each other, we sing about love

Throw away the desire to embrace
Chop up the the desire to be enveloped
Scratch the intention to stroke
We search for love again
We both pretended to understand
We are different people
But I want to become one
Struggling, struggling in the darkness

The genuine seal is stamped on a sticker
But yes, and insistent person will see a counterfeit

We are at a dead end like this
Now I'm still lost, without slipping away

Because we have dreams, they're fleeting
Because we search for them, we won't find them
Because we want them, we won't get them
I'm at a loss
Did I make a mistake somewhere?
I don't have the time to think about it
But if there's no answer, that's unsettling

You are you, and I am me, that sort of thing is obvious
We are we this simple?
Could we be losing sight?

All for one, one for all
But I am one
All for one, one for all
But you are one

It's alright if we're not one
If we can both approve
Certainly we need not throw this away
Because we can both approve
It's alright if we're not one
Values, ideals, and religion
It's alright if we're not one
Because we can both approve
That's wonderful

We salivate while kissing
Snap at the intention to taste
Tear up the intention to dress
We search for love again
It's alright if we're not one
If we both approve of it, that's great
The darkness gently scatters
Before us
We'll be sent some light

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