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Moriyama Naotaro

Romaji Title: toki no yukue ~jo - haru no sora~
Kanji Title: 時の行方~序・春の空~
English Title: The Course Of Time ~prelude - The Spring Sky~

English CreditsKanji Credits
Lyrics : Moriyama Naotarou & Okachimachi Kaito

Music : Moriyama Naotarou


This song is featured in the commercial for the Coca Cola product "sou takemi cha" or "refreshing Takemi tea".

I suddenly looked up to the spring sky, and remembered how small of a thing I am

Today I live, do things, and move on

My heart accompanies the wind

A flock of birds crosses the sky

Flower petals shake in the wind

Unravelled hair dances in the moonlight

Your cheek is reflected in the water

The sound of insects echoes out forever

The song of the waves is gathered and returned

The shadow of the stars dwells within the wind

Your dreams are colored white

I entrust my body to the various colored days, like this

I want to drift to you, like a flower

Drifting about alone in the lull of time

A rainbow bridge hangs in the sky

The traces of snow burn my heart

Even now, I can hear your song

I entrust my body to the various colored times, like this

I want to drift to you, right now

I want to disappear into you

Like this

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